I'm continually amazed and humbled at the amount of attention this little project (that I started some 3 years ago) still gets. Especially in light of my extreme, nearly fanatical, lack of updating the site with new sites/wireframes. This is not a conscious decision, but rather one of economy and necessity. The upside of running a thriving and growing business the lack of time to spend on fun side-projects.


On that note, I have a few sites in my pocket that I'd like to give the "www" treatment and will do my best to work updating and adding to this site to my weekly schedule. In the mean time, feel free to email suggestions for larger, known websites that would be good to critic and observe without any content.

So there has been a flurry of activity on web.without.words over the last several days; which helped spurred me to finally make the updates I've wanted to make for month and months and months. Over the course of the next day or so you will be a subtle change to web.without.words — not just in the design and functionality, but also in how the information is presented to you. Thanks to the suggestion of Tom Haflinger, the site will become more "fun" for you — instead of titling entries by what site is being "critiqued", from now on all titles will be more generic and you will have the opportunity to guess and see if you know the site based purely on the structure (with the ability to click and reveal the answer).


Thank you again for you patience, thank you for visiting, and if you're ever in need of a designer/developer for a future project — keep Wiseacre in mind.

I want to thank Paul Andrew and the fine folks at Smashing Magazine for listing web.without.words with such other wonderful resources for wireframing and UI interfacing. Not sure how the site will help anyone (hopefully it does?), but I greatly appreciate the mention! I guess that means I need to get back to updating this site (it's been waaaaay to long).

Go a week, it turns into a month. Go a month it turns into half a year. I can always tell how long I've been abscent by the amount of comment spam piled up in the Yahoo.com entry. Well, I've been gone 3,184. That's long. I apologize, but that really just sounds empty. Thankfully I have a vacation coming up soon and will be implimenting not only overall site changes (which will include side by side comparision of similar sites) but also new sites to deconstruct. Thanks for all your patience in sticking with the site. I'll have something new for you all by the end of the week. I promise.

The holidays are upon us and I hope all of you had a delightful and restful break (without too much stress or hassle or awkward family dysfunction). I promise to add new features soon, as well as a new post, just keep your eyes peeled.

Its been exactly 1 month since I officially launched web.without.words and I've reach the 100,000 view milestone (something I didn't expect so quickly). New things to wait for -- a side by side comparison of sites within given categories (comparing CNN to say USAToday, YouTube to Vimeo, etc); a "switch" between the contentless website and actual website, as well as some browsing/searching tweaks. Thanks again to all of you who visit -- be sure to tell you fiends and keep checking back.

If you haven't noticed already, I've attempted to take my own advice, and made the w.w.w. site slightly more uniform and simple (I got tired of the dark/black background personally). Just in time to end the political season (of anger and turmoil) I've added my 2¢ toward the McCain campaign website. Thanks for visiting; more goodness will be on the way soon.

As a designer I become dissatisfied with my "work" immediately after they're complete. That subtle itch to tinker and tweak and prod at the design until its something wholly different; but hopefully better. All that to say I will be working on a completely different yet similar design for web.without.words (I don't I need any gradients and I'm slowly becoming uninterested in the dark/black palette). I've also added a side by side comparison of the wireframe and the original site; a small example, but I believe it helps; as well as adding a link to the original site. Again, thank you all for visiting, I'll continue to do my best to be informative, and provide insightful and educational commentary.

Still want to thank all of you for visiting and posting such nice reviews and comments on your sites -- I truly appreciate it. Quickly -- I fixed the RSS feed to actually point to the correct story/item (that's what I get for borrowing and adapting another feed I created for another site) and I also updated the CNN.com description to include a "personality" profile of the site while still including the previous critique and analysis.


In news from the stat wire (that is probably only interesting to me), 65% of visitors are using Firefox, 17% Safari and a mere 8% using IE. Chome, which has been out for close to 2 months, represent 5.03% of visitors. Nice to see that IE is whimpering into retirement.


Thanks again, more coming in the following week!

Brief update on what is to come here at web.without.words. The first requests were for RSS feeds, which are completed. Then came archives, permalinks and comments.  Today I added this news section and a little "about" area. On the horizon I'll be adding a side-by-side comparison of the websites, and perhaps even some control over the "look" of the site, we'll see; as long as you all behave.