There comes a point when you become to old to try anymore. And I don't mean "don't try" to care, or live, or interact or go to the bathroom and bath; but care to "fit in" by making the necessary concessions to your personality to appeal to the masses. Some people let that point go on far too long and can border on — well, creepy.


They start calling you "dude" or "broheim" through they're thinning hair, age spotted forehead and coffee-stained teeth in a desperate and obvious attempt to win your approve (when in reality, we ought to be winning there's, but never-mind the worship of youth, inexperience and shallowness), and forget they've had a lifetime to be themselves, a lifetime of trials, hurts, happiness, death, change, with nothing left to prove to anyone, nothing left to market and life that is itself in need of no defense only memory. But peer-pressure doesn't have age limits. could be worse - much worse, and you'd half expect it to be (perhaps more like this), yet the site somehow manages to neither be awful nor great, neither overly cluttered nor uniformly cohesive. Structurally the site is straight-forward with a soft 3 column grid; unoffensive and clean. The main navigation is standard CSS (using the font Trebuchet-MS), plainly presented and easily overlooked. The overall information structure has no uniformity — no strongly presented color palette (blue, yellow, red, brown, green), no standardized iconography, no repetitive or predictable graphic elements (move from square, to arch, to circles, to boxes with borders to gradients) no hierarchy information (from navigation to main content to form text to links to stories — all the sizes of the text remain similiar in size, weight and format). The right side "action" form is so uninviting and haphazard one is curious how many users never see it.


And that bright green "Click Here". Yikes. It screams "we had a developers meeting and had so many complaints about the button not being 'obvious' that we had to throw in the brightest possible, round button so that 'Joe Web User' would know what to do". Yet another unrelated element and color (and by the way, if you're filling out a form online and don't know to look for a "submit" button of some sort, then you shouldn't be filling out an online form at all).


Perhaps a WordPress theme would be more wise next go around? As I like to say, if you're website is a story, then what story is it teling?