I guess you could say we're friends. He's always talking to someone, going somewhere, doing something at one party or another; but is so utterly likable I always forgive him for not showing up. It seems as if he knows someone everywhere — at an airport, concert, library or in a field in Iowa; he's just "that guy" who everyone likes (but no one seems to know). He's Captain Do Everything Perfect, and I'd hate him if he weren't so nice. But we've never really had a deep conversation, I really hope there's more beneath the surface than all the "niceness".


I thought that now would be an appropriate time to do a political (without the politics) website break down. Its not often that a candidate has a website that is so impressive as the website. Though the grid varies slightly from "box" to "box" and section by section, and the amount of background images and type images teeter on the edge of making it less a website and more a brochure, the overall visual appeal is undeniable. Smooth transitions, even and calm colors with an organic transition from one section to another, an impeccable sense of balance in color, font usage and space.


Compared with the 3 other websites thus broken apart in w.w.w. the site is far more designed, utlizing space, hierachy, dramatic color interplay and the art of "story". There comes a point where the gradients and drop shadows begin to feel overwhelming, but there are enough "soft spots" for the eyes to rest and the repetition of similar shapes and graphic elements aid in tying all the units into a whole.


Regardless of your political views, is an excellent website on many fronts.