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Paul Armstrong

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Once in a lifetime you get that one great (or at least, pretty good) idea, one that seems obvious and easy and almost too good to be true - for me that is what web.without.words was and is (I hate ending a sentence on "is", so I'm rambling here). But you're here because you want to know more about me or this site.


web.without.words started simply as a way for me "practice what I preach" -- to visually represent my core belief that hierarchy, grid systems and uniformity ultimately lead to a more natural user experience. By showing the overall structure of any website, by stripping naked all the distractions of text and ads and images and showing a site for what the eye unconsciously perceives. The eye strives for pattern, consistency, uniformity, predictability and balance in the complex lexicon of visual language unfurled to us constantly. My desire has always been to educate my clients and constituents about why a design is effective or ineffective (not merely beautiful or ugly) and my hope is that web.without.words can be a small step toward being that for others who visit.


But who are you? My name is Paul Armstrong. I'm a 14 year veteran of graphic design (currently working as Wiseacre Design) -- where nearly 100% of my work has actual words and content. I'm a father, a photographer, a day-dreamer, a procrastinator, a Christ-follower and a grizzled curmudgeon. I like coffee, bacon, books, films and television that make me think and music that soothes my soul.


If you're wondering how your website might stand up to scrutinity of the "www" treatment, drop me a line and we'll talk!

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